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WordPress Workshops: From Those Who Build WordPress Websites!

It’s a world of DIY with so much information online. Our experience has been that many people, although they can self-manage their WordPress website, don’t do it as well as what they could.

Sort of like getting a 6 out of 10 score for your efforts! 10 out of 10 is better!
If you’re going to invest time make sure you get it right so you do score 10 out of 10 for your diligence.

Your clients will love you, your business will get the boost it needs, and your bank balance will also LOVE you.

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You know you can get far better results from your website.

You’d like to reach more people, connect better, get existing clients coming back, rank higher in the search engines, get more traffic, get more new clients. Bottom line… make more money.

You need to have the balance between paying someone to do ‘techy’ stuff not worth learning, with the time and effort to learn the things you could do yourself, that will you give massive leverage, and the boost you need.

You know there's an investment of your time and money, you just need to make sure you get the absolute best result for your effort… Right?


We live, breath, build and deliver successful websites every day.

So who better to deliver focussed, outcomes based, one on one WordPress Workshop Training than Smarter Websites? You asked, we listened.

You're looking for trainers who do this successfully, every day, all day.

At Smarter Workshops you get the best website and online marketing training, in face-to-face workshops, on what really matters, supported by a great network to learn, implement and grow your business.

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